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Sunday, November 23, 2008

A1 GP malaysia 2008

hmmm....i have lived in sepang for almost a year now but ive never been to sepang international circuit (SIC) for whatever reason. guess what? few days ago i received an sms from my friend, taqi. he invited me to join him watching the race live at the SIC as he got a free ticket for 6 person. since my home is juz 2o minutes to the circuit, ive reached there earlier than him. after a two-hour waiting period, he finally arrived with my other friend, muhaimin. by that time, the sprint event had already been a history. huhu....

actually im not that interested in motor sports. juz eager to go to the SIC, at least once in my life.
as for the race, our representative, fairuz fauzy who started from the 4th grid ended at 10th place (if im not mistaken). wrong strategy. from my observation, as the A1 race is too short (about 10-15 laps), every second is crucial. any pit stop or crash will terribly delay a driver and it is obviously difficult for the driver to catch up with the leader bcoz of the small number of laps required.

thanks taqi and muhaimin for the outing. it was such a waste for me not to own a DSLR juz then. still looking for a par time job to fund for my new body.....D80. yeah!

and sorry for not posting any pic this time. brought along my old compact digicam but cannot upload as the USB wire couldnt be found and my card reader is not fuctioning. maybe later lah ek...hehe;p

p/s: did i say i want to go to SIC at least once in my life? well...one leads to another. eying for F1 race next march/april. this time i'll bring along my weapon. SHOOT!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


sila beri tunjuk ajar....hehe...
will post more later after i have some materials to post.
as this blog is more to a photoblog, i need to choose some pics first.

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