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Sunday, May 24, 2009

"my name is muhammad ali!"

sounds familiar? yeah...it was said by the man himself after the host of that night's match announced the winner of the match (muhammmad ali) as casius clay.

so what?
why do i write about it here?

because i have other names (which were mistakenly assumed as my name)

1) hafiz

this is the most popular name of mine...haih...

even my neighbour of two years keep calling me that.

even my lecturer (in MCIIUM) keep calling my that on the last day of the semester. and my classmate had to remind her, "ustazah, nama dia faiz lah". haih again...

2) fariz

still ok for me...get rid the 'r' there and it'll be faiz...huhu

3) hariz

i got this name from a colleague when i was working at hotel seri malaysia. he's a bangladeshi. so, lantak ko lah. huhu...

4) iz

only one person call me with this name. she is an 'akak' at my office where im doing my EIT.

the good side is that all the names have good meanings except 'iz' which i dont know whether it carries any meaning=p

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