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Saturday, December 20, 2008

part time job, 190 hours, RM665 and nikon D80

dah lama tak update blog aku ni. huhu...

During this six-week-semester vacation which will end tomorrow (T_T), I did a part time job (only during the last three weeks actually) to fund for my nikon D80 body as I've already sold my nikon D40x body just before Eidulfitri. My target is to get at least RM500. I've already have RM1.3k, RM1.1k from selling my D40x body and another RM200 from my duit raya. Current price of nikon D80 body is around RM1.8k. So i guess another RM500 should be enough.

After advertising on buying the 2nd hand body, the best offer I get is from a person whom I know. I've actually attended this person's two photography courses. From the way he uses the camera, I believe the camera is still in good condition. His package also caught my attention. 7-month-old body, 4k of shutter count (usually by this period, shutter count might reach 10k if it was in the hand of 'those' type of shooters), free battery grip(RM300-400), original shutter release cable(RM120) , original remote shutter release(RM80), manual book (RM63) plus free tutorial session on using the D80. All these for RM2k. I think I will not find any other better offer than this one and it's only natural that i agreed with the deal.

Back to the part time job. I applied for a vacant position in the F&B department of Hotel Seri Malaysia, Bagan Lalang (two stars only maaa...). A very good experience. I had a chance to meet different kinds of people. Although the job is mainly like a waiter, I did have a little pressure as I'm the only one in my department who has a university level academic background. Many times when we talk, they emphasized on the difference of academic level. "kita orang bukan budak universiti" or "budak universiti mesti cepat pandai buat kerja-kerja ni kan?" and some more lah.
My course also make the situation worst. I'm an engineering student. Not to look down on some other courses, but on many occasion, courses like engineering, medicine, dentistry, law, accountancy and architecture do make people awed a bit.

The worst part is when I've been asked were am I studying? "Universiti ISLAM Antarabangsa Malaysia", I answered and then they called me 'ustaz'. that's my nickname there. maybe I'm really an ustaz after all. Hehehe. Why? Because out of 40 something staffs there, I can say less than 5 person perform obligatory prayers (solat fardhu). And you can see their 'selamba' faces during the Jumaat prayer time. I have to ask if somebody going to the mosque so I can join the carpool. At last, I borrowed a staff's scooter to go to the mosque where I reached there while the bilal is reciting iqamah. Alhamdulillah., I manage to perform Jumaat prayer. I really think that the management of the hotel should organize ibadah camp for their muslim staffs. Not to mention their habit on playing 'nombor ekor'. From as young as 20 years old staff to as old as my late granfather were playing it as if they are playing 'guli'.Haih.... You complain on your fate of not able to study in a university so that you can have a better job (with higher salary) but you don't even perform obligatory prayer. Do you expect Allah to bless your life and give you more rizki? Please my friends...

One of the best things that I gained from the part time job is that I've made friends with foreign workers from Bangladesh and Nepal. It made me feel really grateful of how I'm doing now compared to their difficult lives.

I want to emphasize here that I've never look down on these people (foreign workers and low academic background people). they might have some imperfection but they can work efficiently. I really thank them for teaching me some of their knowledge and skills. thank you guys=)

Tomorrow will be the last day of my vacation. the new semester will begin:( Waaaaaaaaaaa...... But my new D80 body is getting closer to me. hehe=)

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