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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

it's the time to use the reminder and planner

i remember my old days (xde la dahulu kala sgt) in MCIIUM where i had been busy with so many programs. i am the president of MCIIUM taekwondo club and an FRC member then. lack in management skills caused me to forget some of the jobs which i had to do. then one of my committee members, a girl to be exact, told me in a very lemah-lembut way...(jgn mimpi la...kena marah kot...huhu),

"ape guna reminder kat henfon ko tu?".

then i thought, "betul gak yek".

and just after that i started to use the reminder.huhu

4 years had passed since those busy days and lately i found myself depends on this tool again. plus a new one, a planner which i had bought at koperasi uiam. why?am i that busy nowadays? frankly....no. but that day will come.

firstly because i'm doing my FYP this semester. so i need them to remind me for my appointment with my supervisor.

secondly, i've just got a potential customer for my wedding photographer service. thus they are essential for me. i had to entertain the customer since they say that 'customer is always right'. if they want to meet me at a particular place and time, so i have to be there at the promised time. and these tools will help me so that i will not forget....hopefully...

another usage, to remind me about any event, photo shoot outing, meeting someone to buy photography equipments and so on.

i hope everything will go well this semester. my studies, projects, hobbies, business,...bla...bla...bla...

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