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Monday, July 6, 2009

the return of the king

anybody watched last night's wimbledon gentlemen single final match? i only manage to watch until the end of the 3rd set and then....kroh...kroh...

i woke up at 4am and it was already over...dem betul!....

this morning i turned on the TV to watch omnisport on channel 811 but there was no omnisport because there was CONCACAF gold cup live match...hampeh...tepakse la aku surf tenet...

congrats to roger federer....i'm sure all of his fans have been waiting for 'the return of the king'... ( quoting the title of the 3rd part of the lord of the rings movie....huhu...)

why 'the king'? well....i think that is one of his nickname other than 'fedex' and 'the swiss maestro'....so....hail the king!...hehe...

as for andy roddick, it was a brilliant play. credit to him. he deserves it. but unfortunately he is playing in the era of roger. now federer leads head-to-head record by 19-2. but i think this will be the turning point to andy's career...gudluck andy=)

here are some quotes regarding the match (including the ones from the last year final)

1) “Write what you want,” he had said at the time, his eyes red and stinging with despair.

2) “Losing in Paris was nothing. This (lost in 2008 wimbledon final to nadal) is a disaster,”

3)When Roddick was asked if he struggled to stay positive after losing the second set, he replied: “You know, at that point, like everything else, there's two options: you lay down or you keep going. The second option sounded better to me."

4)“I used to get nervous when a friend would come watch me play as a kid, and then it was my parents, and then it was legends and people I really ‑‑ who meant something. Today it's okay. Today anybody can come and watch me play. I don't get nervous anymore. Today with Pete it was a bit special, you know. When he walked in and I saw him for the first time, I did get more nervous actually.” The ice-cool Roger Federer proves that he is just as human as the rest of us.

5)"Liberate this man. Well done, Andy." A sympathetic journalist fights for freedom in the press conference.

p/s: looking forward to US open in august. 'the king' will be hunting for his 6th straight US open titles at the flushing meadows...

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