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Sunday, January 3, 2010

first post of the year

what a day! (the day started at 11am though)

after spending the 1st day of the year with my gf (hehe~), the 2nd day of 2010 was definitely not a dull one. as mentioned, i woke up at 11am (hangus subuh aku...adeh....). i need to get ready to go home because i've told my mom that i will be home this weekend (because the next two weekends will be spent with my gf...hoho~). as our next-g gang were going to have a makan-makan at bagan lalang beach (that place is 5 minutes driving from my home), so i was planning to bring my g10 but that thing was with my sister. so i met her to get it without knowing something (i'll tell you what's that something later).

took the train to kl sentral. reached there, hungry, i suddenly tempted by a trick of marketing.

burger king's "LONG & BEEFY" poster...


after i got my order, i got a bit disappointed. the "LONG & BEEFY" was not that long actually. i was expecting an extra size meal based on the expression of the man on the poster which look like as if he was looking at an elephant-size penis. well, as it said...."LONG & BEEFY"....hehe=p

that "LONG & BEEFY" is actually a normal 'asian size' one=p

as i walked to the musolla, i heard my name being called. turning to where the voice came from, i saw kazar, a friend from my secondary school days. i've never met him since more than 5 years back. having completed his degree oversea, he is now working at terengganu. petronas i think, since he was a petronas-sponsored student. after more than 5 years, we only manage to chat about only 5 minutes. nevertheless, i still manage to take a photo of us.

this is the photo. but a shaky one....haih~

then i took a bus to LCCT before i went straight home.


apek called me around 6.30pm. we will have our 'makan-makan' session at senandung malam. and they are already at the beach. we met there. took some photos. no fancy photos. no 'lompat-lompat' one. juz snapshots. ok...now i'll tell you what was that 'something'. my sister did'nt charge the g10 battery after using it. thus i only have one bar (out of three- full) to take the photos of today's event. haih~

senandung malam

photo by keycha
from left: azmi and ijat. the shutterbugs.

photo by keycha
malu-malu nak main air~

photo by keycha
masing-masing tengah tengok paha2 putih amoi2 kat tepi pantai =p

photo by keycha
a typical shot. (almost every girl has this kind of photo)

photo by keycha
the latest season of baywatch series. the guy who is 3rd from left will be replacing pamela anderson. haha~

newly 'racun'ed guy

photo by keycha

udang-udang yang bersimpati

photo by keycha
sotong. bukan bapoks

photo by keycha
ambal (i dont know what it is called here. but when i lived in sarawak, they call it ambal)

before the war

photo by keycha
the war is over

photo by keycha
bidun ronaldinho

photo by keycha
apek the fish head hunter

photo by keycha
show me the money~

next weekend i'll be going to zoo negara with ana. bukit cerakah is waiting for us the weekend after that=)

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